Another great listening experience behind us:

STACORE and Gramofon Zontek !

We visited Paweł Zontek, the man behind the famous Gramofon Zontek, in his listening room downtown Warsaw. The turntable looks and feels like a piece of art and so does the Zontek Art Deco Phonostage with subminiature tubes (you can see it below the TT)! Really great work! As you can see, Paweł Zontek has taken some measures to control vibrations: The gear sits on a massive, wall-mounted shelf to isolate from floor vibrations generated mainly by a near-by busy street. A very wise move, so we were double curious if and how our STACORE Advanced platform will work here. Quick measurements showed some infrasonic vibrational residue, which our platform managed to reduce by some 15dB. A very good result! Then came the listening – the system and the room (with lots of room treatment) are a real pleasure to listen to. Direct A – B tests showed us the effectiveness of STACORE Advanced not only in the measurements: The system and especially the core – the magnificent Gramofon Zontek TT, could shine with its full glory. The sound became more involving, surrounding the listener, melodic lines became clearer and easier to follow, LF output more natural. All those things we have been consistently observing when our platforms come to work. We were also a nice visual match – the sublime and elegant stylistics of STACORE Advanced let the Gramofon Zontek turntable shine on our platform. Thank you very much Paweł for this listening experience and being such a great host!!