Made to a special order only STACORE RACK SYSTEM represents a pinnacle inĀ  High End Audio support structure design. It is also a form of our engineering expression and is something unseen and unheard before in High End Audio. Heavily over-engineered, precisely and laboriously hand crafted, it features some revolutionary solutions, which we introduce as the first ones in the market:

CONSTRAINED LAYER DAMPED (CLD) LEGS Hidden from the eye behind elegant, calm shapes of the legs is the damping system: A leg-in-a-leg construction with massive steel legs hold together with a special viscoelastic damping material. This provides a fantastic damping in audio spectrum and beyond while achieving a high mass. It is a novel, creative take on the idea of a highly damped large mass, which works so wonderfully in our STACORE anti-vibartion platforms.

LOCKING RING ASSEMBLY Rigidity is another, apart from damping and mass, factor we wanted to achieve. At the same time we wanted the rack to be dismountable and have a modular, customizable construction. Achieving both of these goals – rigidity and modularity – is a very difficult task. Here again we were thinking outside the box and developed our own, unique joining technique based on locking rings and CNC milled steel elements. Adopted from machine industry, this technique gives ultra rigid but dismountable connections.

QUICK, RELIABLE, AND REPEATABLE PLACING As three points define a plane, placing a rack with 4 or 6 legs so that all of them have equally good contact with the floor, e.g. to prevent rocking, is a challenge we all know very well. We solved this problem using special tooling with a controlled torque, which results in a fuss-free and reliable placing on any type of a floor. This guarantees an excellent interface of the rack to the floor.

As a result, our STACORE RACK SYSTEM is a highly modular design. It gives the user a fantastic flexibility of changing the number of tiers and distances between them to accommodate different pieces of audio equipment as the system evolves. Apart from growing vertically, our racks can also be split into lower ones, making two racks out of one. And all that maintaining fantastic damping and rigidity. It also packs flat, reducing greatly shipping costs. Each of the tiers can can accept any of our platforms, providing them with a highly optimized support, or our CLD damped slate shelves. The platforms/shelves are user interchangeable to match the needs of the system. Another customizable aspect our rack system offers is a possibility of a horizontal growth. Starting from a single width rack, the user can expand it horizontally by ordering a special interfacing elements.

The standard footprint for a single rack is 828x720mm (outer dimensions) with 90mm diameter legs.

Max load capability of a single slot is 200 kg.

Custom footprints are also possible with the matching size platforms and shelves. Finally, we also let you choose the color form the RAL palette and the finish.

  • Double amplifier stand