We offer a full range of machining services in a wide selection of materials, from plastics, non-ferrous alloys, through carbon, high-alloy and acid-resistant steels to steels for special applications. We have 30+ years of experience in metalworking, materials science and machine construction. We work with many companies in the country with highly qualified staff, which significantly increases our production potential. We have at our disposal CNC machining centers as well as a conventional machine park. Our production can be subjected to various thermo-chemical treatments, carried out by advanced hardening plants in vacuum furnaces and with final cryogenic treatment.  Surfaces of details can be finished with  a rich variety of technologies, from grinding, brushing, and polishing through anodizing in various colors, to powder coating, varnishing, etc.

We manufacture from customer’s documentation or design ourselves, using our extensive engineering and audio experience. We produce small and medium-sized batches as well as offer prototyping. Examples of our projects are e.g. self-leveling feet for LampizatOr.